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about sdh  LIGHTMOTIV®


"lightmotiv®" is light, colour, shape and movement.

"lightmotiv®" is individual, flexible, effective.

The liquid-projector "lightmotiv®" was developed and built by the Bielefeld firm TNL.
The liquid-projector enables you to illuminate circles up to 15 m in diameter with a wide colour spectrum dynamically. "lightmotiv®"-projections are unique, flexible and fit into any location.

The "lightmotiv®"-artist ensures the right atmosphere during the whole event using the visual effects of the "lightmotiv®"-projector.





Sehnsedahastes are "tnl"-partner for Eastern Germany. According to your needs we can supply the liquid-projector "lightmotiv®" with the "lightmotiv®"-artist separately or in unison with the A-Z decoration package of Sehnsedahastes.

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